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brass knuckles lexan knuckles plastic knuckles

Please visit www.knockoutknucks.com for more great prices and selections on self defense products.   You can find great deals on all sorts of brass knuckles and other goods over there.  Thanks, Jason  

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The Truth about Lexan Knuckles

Lexan Knuckles plastic knuckles

Lexan Knuckles are simply high quality Knuckles which are just as strong as brass but made out of high quality indestructible LEXAN.  Lexan is the same material as bulletproof glass. It is the perfect self defense item because it can simply fit in your pocket and you can keep on moving.  Go ahead and give them a try. We have a 100 percent money back promise.

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Lexan Vs. Plastic Knuckles

Brass Knuckles lexan knuckles plastic knuckles

Lexan vs. Plastic Knuckles Plastic and Lexan are very different in the way they are constructed. The Plastic Knuckles you will see on most sites are made of a very light weight toy like consistency. These Lexan Knuckles sold here are made from heavyweight Lexan. The same stuff as bullet-proof glass.  The Ability of these Lexan Knuckles are that of brass from a standpoint of durability. These Knuckles have a 100 percent satisfaction Guarantee. That means that for whatever reason if you are not happy with your Knuckles we will gladly give you a full refund. 

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